When history repeats itself

A Canadian telecommunications company developed its internal change capability to improve the success of projects




The Managed Change model and methodology
lives on and is making a significant difference to employee engagement for our employees and leaders.

Chantal Milloy, Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness

Shaw Communications


Shaw Communications had too many projects that were not going as planned. The Canadian telecommunications company had a pattern of issues with new programs, technology and systems – even though the company had a highly skilled team and the finances to develop creative and innovative solutions.


The company was preparing to replace old infrastructure with new internal and customer-facing systems, and the success of the project was necessary for bottom-line business performance and customer satisfaction.


Shaw did not want history to repeat itself. The company needed to diagnose and solve the issues that contributed to projects not going as planned, and leadership wanted the tools and resources to improve the success of future projects.


LaMarsh Global assessed the organization’s capability to change by reviewing the implementation of existing projects. The expected outcomes for projects were insufficient to achieve the level of success that Shaw’s leadership needed.


With the support of leadership, LaMarsh Global created a plan to improve the change capability of Shaw so it would be prepared for future projects. The plan was developed to:


  • Identify if the root of problems were issues with the quality of solutions or issues with the acceptance and adoption of those solutions
  • Train, support and coach leaders so they were prepared for their role in change efforts
  • Better understand the challenges and productivity dips when changes are carried out


Over a few years, LaMarsh Global carried out the plan to transform Shaw into an organization that was prepared for current and future projects. Shaw already had the finances and team to come up with quality solutions, and its improved internal change capability was the complement to make sure projects go as planned.



LaMarsh Global consultants, true to their

word, helped us build internal organizational change management capability at Shaw and then, yes, stepped away, declaring we were ready to fish on our own. For that, we are grateful.

Chantal Milloy, Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness

Shaw Communications



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