Understand the big picture of a change project

The Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop outlines tools for all stages of a change initiative and the context for their use.



Case study 3

As a communications professional, Ariel Brown is an expert in understanding the right message and the right timing for a specific audience. When an opportunity arose to contribute to a change program, it was the natural progression of her career.

“Strategic communications are an important component of a change management strategy or approach,” says Ariel, a graduate of  LaMarsh Global’ Managed Change Practitioner Workshop.

“It is key to ensuring that messages are tailored and adapted to the audiences that will receive them.”

In December 2019, Ariel joined a change management team that was tasked with a significant internal transition. She had the experience and skills to excel in her role, but she was interested in understanding the big picture.

How does the data that is gathered inform strategic change management plans? Or how do individual responsibilities within the change management team contribute to the success of an entire program?

The program's scope and complexity made it difficult to see how individual projects fit into the change initiative as a whole.

“I didn’t fully understand why I was doing the things I was doing until I completed the LaMarsh training,” says Ariel.

Ariel participated in a virtual Managed Change Practitioner Workshop. Just like LaMarsh Global’s in-person workshops, the virtual workshop is led by an instructor with applied change management experience and participants that are actively contributing to change management projects. It was an opportunity to mutually share, learn and discuss the application of change management – all over Zoom.

“The LaMarsh workshop was highly interactive. We had virtual breakout rooms, so we were able to work in small groups, and we got to know each other better – like we would have if we were in a real classroom. In our small groups, we were able to dive deeper into the topics that were discussed in the larger group.”


There are many different ways to apply change management. And the tools that LaMarsh provides are relevant to any project, at any firm and for however much experience you have.

Ariel Brown
2020 Graduate, Managed Change Practitioner Workshop


The formal instruction and group discussions were an opportunity to explore how change management is used in various settings, organizations and challenges. The tools that were introduced and discussed in the workshop had immediate applications across a variety of projects.

“It was interesting to see that we could adapt this rich set of tools for a variety of different projects and scale them as necessary,” says Ariel.

“What I like most about LaMarsh are the different tools it offers, including detailed assessments and other intuitive spreadsheets. You can use these assessments and tailor all the tools to help you develop a strategic approach or an impactful change management strategy.”

The virtual workshop is delivered in a series of 2-hour sessions. It includes instruction from an experienced practitioner and discussions on how the insights and tools can be used for real-life projects.

“The classes are intimate, and you can ask whatever questions you may have. I appreciated that the instructor took the time to make sure we understood the concepts thoroughly. There was a real hands-on approach to the way the course was administered,” explains Ariel.

“Whether you’re new to change management or someone that has been practicing for decades, there is lots to learn from LaMarsh.”

For Ariel, the LaMarsh Global certification is one step into a bright future in change management.

“Change management touches on so many aspects of our personal and professional lives. It is truly indispensable,” says Ariel.

“There are lots of opportunities for growth, and I want to stay in this field to see where it takes me.”


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