Enhanced Public Training: Learn to Lead Change for Your Organization!

No hype!  No pitch!  No cut rate discounts!  Just Do It!

The new year is here and it’s time for you to take charge of your future – Learn the concepts, apply the tools and earn the certifications you need to effectively lead and implement change in your organization.

Our change management curriculum has been overhauled and dramatically improved to help you address the newest challenges of our ever changing world.  Our revised approach to change management consulting and training is streamlined, agile and targeted to deliver effective and innovative solutions efficiently and rapidly.  All programs in the Managed Change™ Academy curriculum reflect the revisions and enhancements made to the methodology in 2016.  New and improved tools and templates are incorporated into our workshops to reflect the methodology revisions and better support those who lead and implement change.

If you are new to change management, the foundational Managed Change™ Agent Certification will provide you with the skill and knowledge to implement the methodology and apply the tools.  If you are a change leader or change practitioner and have previous experience applying a methodology, enroll in the Advanced Change Leader Program and earn a Master of Managed Change® Advanced Certification. This advanced program is methodology agnostic providing you the opportunity to build upon your existing change management expertise whether it is LaMarsh Global’s Managed Change™,  Prosci’s ADKAR, GE’s Change Acceleration, Kotter’s 8 Steps, Change first’s PCI, CMI’s Change Maturity Model or one of a dozen other approaches.


Explore the Managed Change™ Academy curriculum or call of our coaches to learn how to jump start the completion of your 2017 goals and objectives >

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