Teaching leaders how to change

LaMarsh Global developed a program that empowered leaders and change practitioners at a telecommunications company to understand and utilize a standard change process. 



LaMarsh Global helped us build skills in our leaders so that they
could meet the changing needs of the organization. Now, these leaders and managers consistently consider the impact of changes on our employees. Equally important, other staff are starting to recognize
their responsibility to voice their issues.

- Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness



Across the organization, leaders at Shaw Communications knew that too many change projects were not going as expected. Some projects were not being delivered on time, while other projects were costing too much money.

On the technical side, Shaw Communications had the employee expertise and resources to carry out successful projects. The business solutions were sound and strategic, but the telecommunications company was still not achieving the anticipated results.

The challenge was not related to the business solutions or their implementation, but rather with the acceptance and adoption of these solutions across the company. Employees did not accept or adopt the changes as expected.

LaMarsh Global developed a plan to identify the root problems, train and support leaders, and provide insight into the challenges or dips in productivity present when a change is carried out.

At the core of this plan was leadership: Shaw’s leaders needed better skills and tools to manage both the projects and their employees – through direction, support and clarity.

LaMarsh Global developed a program that empowered Shaw’s leaders and change practitioners to understand and utilize a standard change process. This process was just as critical to the success of a project as the initiative itself. LaMarsh Global delivered training and coaching to leaders and change practitioners that considered the very projects they were responsible for.

Managed Change was the foundation of the leadership program, and it provided a standardized methodology for Shaw’s team to rely on for current and future changes. Shaw’s leaders had the training and tools to understand their responsibilities and improve the acceptance and adoption of changes.

To sustain the momentum of the progress, LaMarsh Global supported the establishment of a Change Management Center of Excellence at Shaw.


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Project summary

The organization

Shaw Communications is a leading Canadian telecommunications company.

The goal

Even though Shaw Communications had the people and resources to launch new programs and technologies, their business solutions were not as successful as expected. Shaw asked LaMarsh Global to identify the issues and implement programs to improve the success of future projects.

The project

LaMarsh Global helped to identify the root issue: people were not accepting or adopting the changes as expected. The project helped leaders understand their role in a change to improve the acceptance and adoption of future projects.

Our approach

Shaw had a history of challenges with their projects and tasked LaMarsh Global with identifying the root problems. LaMarsh Global provided insight into the impacts of the change process and multiple changes occurring simultaneously. Another main component was to provide training and coaching to leaders so they can rely on an established approach and understand their own roles and responsibilities.

LaMarsh Global provided leadership training by:

  • Developing a customized training program for leaders and change practitioners
  • Delivering change management training to leaders and change teams
  • Providing coaching for executives as they navigated their own projects
  • Introducing and customizing Managed Change for Shaw

Project outcomes

Along with clarity on the root cause of issues, LaMarsh Global delivered an actionable and tangible program for key leaders and change practitioners. The result was a network of people that had the skills, knowledge and understanding to champion change management within their own projects. To improve future success, LaMarsh Global supported the creation of a Change Management Center of Excellence at Shaw.


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