Teaching Leaders How to Change with Managed Change™

Executive Summary

Change happens. On all fronts, organizations and leaders are challenged to step up and set the pace for their teams. They need to be able to inspire, communicate, and make sound decisions. One of our clients began to realize that without process to this important work, things were getting really confusing. After some unfortunate failures, executives realized that the company wasn’t truly equipped to manage the daily impact of all of the changes necessary to move the organization forward.


Our client discovered that mission-critical projects were not being delivered on time. Too often, change projects were poorly executed, costing too much time and money. LaMarsh Gobal stepped in to help executives see how the organization’s focus on spending the majority of resources on implementing business solutions and not on preventing employee resistance to these changes affects the bottom line. This was the real reason results were not as expected. Leadership needed better skills and tools to manage both the projects and the employees that needed direction, support, and clarity.

How Did LaMarsh Global Help?

LaMarsh Global worked to develop a program that would empower Sponsors and Change Agents with the understanding that utilizing an established process for change is critical to success and is as important as the project itself. LaMarsh Global change management experts then delivered training and coached executives to lead and manage everything from large-scale, organizational changes to smaller project-level tasks using the Managed Change™ Model and Methodology as a foundation to acheive success. This structure allowed leaders to understand where they fit in the overall project design and implementation process.


Results, Return on Investment

Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness:

LaMarsh Global helped us build skills in our leaders so that they could meet the changing needs of the organization. Now, these leaders and managers consistently consider the impact of changes on our employees. Equally important, other staff are starting to recognize their responsibility to voice Target issues. In addition, every leader up and down the cascade understands what is required to be an effective Sponsor and/or Change Agent. The overall result is a more thoughtful and, ultimately, more successful organizational process when implementing new projects.


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