Shaw Communications: Take the Long View

Executive Summary

Shaw Communications, a leading Canadian telecommunications company was faced with a challenge. Well financed, with highly skilled technical staff, the organization struggled with the launch of new programs. The changes that employees needed to make were hard to implement and sustain. So, Leadership sought out consultants to diagnosis the situation and assist with solutions. Initial risk assessments indicated that the issues were serious and would impact the business long term. After consideration, they employed LaMarsh Global to help build a better plan for success.


Even with sufficient resources and new technologies, Shaw had too many projects that were not going as planned. Employees were concerned about the company but it was difficult for them to adapt to different ways of doing business, especially when jobs and responsibilities were at stake. Project management discipline was not enough to deal with all the changes and subsequent problems. There was no internal business capability to assist the organization with change management and employees’ overall resistance issues.

How Did LaMarsh Global Help?

With the sponsorship and support of leaders, a plan to build change management capability was developed. Next came the implementation of a Center of Excellence, a small group of highly trained professionals, charged with cascading and sustaining change capability all the way through the organization. Other Change Agents were then identified and embedded in the business to support the efforts. All of this was done with the goal of empowering the organization to be self-sufficient, change capable and ready to tackle any future business challenges. It took time, but it was a success in the end.


Results, Return on Investment

Chantal Milloy, Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness, Shaw Communications

Although our formal relationship with LaMarsh Global has come to a close, the Managed Change™ Model and Methodology lives on and is making a significant difference to employee engagement for our employees and leaders. LaMarsh Global consultants, true to their word, helped us build internal OCM capability at Shaw and then, yes, stepped away, declaring we were ready to fish on our own. For that, we are grateful.


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