10 Tips to Make Change Management Training a Strategic Decision

In our experience, there are two common perspectives on change management training:

  1. Change management training is a commodity. It contributes to organizational success, but the source, methodology and alignment to organizational goals are secondary.
  2. Change management training is critical to organizational capability. When it aligns with organizational goals, it can enable strategic objectives.

The differences between these perspectives are nuanced at first, but they quickly diverge and contribute to entirely different business goals. As organizations wade the path towards resilient change capability, the difference in approaches becomes obvious.

When change management training is a commodity, it is not a strategic advantage to the organization. The responsibility for change management tends to be delegated and leaders are not as involved in the process.

When change management training is seen as a strategic decision, it is viewed as integral to the organization’s success. Leaders are passionate about aligning the change management methodology with the organization, and they see change management as a competitive advantage. The training isn’t a purchasing choice but an organizational capability decision.

If you’re considering the options for your organization’s change management training, keep in mind these 10 tips:

  1. Define leadership commitment to change management.
  2. Agree on a change management methodology.
  3. Establish selection criteria and a process for review and evaluation.
  4. Assess the alignment of the training to the culture of the organization.
  5. Select a change management partner, not a training vendor.
  6. Engage senior leaders in the change management partner selection process.
  7. Align leadership expectations and affirm that training doesn’t mean organizational or individual competency.
  8. Modify training, curriculum and certification to align with the strategic goals of the organization.
  9. Engage senior leaders in the training process.
  10. Confirm the degree of coaching support available to reinforce training outcomes and continue competency development.

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