Podcast Ep 3: Defining the desired state

Explain the reasons of the change and why our current state may
not be working


In this video series, Sheila Fain, CEO of LaMarsh Global, and Chantal Milloy, Co-Founder of Levvel, discuss the questions they often hear about change management. Levvel is a Canadian IT staffing and consulting organization that offers change management consulting and training using the Managed Change methodology.


The desired state explains the goal of a change – it is where we want to be when the change is complete. If leaders don’t agree on the desired state or employees don’t understand the goals, then there is a disconnect that can risk the entire success of the change.

By clearly identifying the desired state, it becomes clear what is currently not working and the gap between now and what we want to achieve. 

Best of all, a defined desired state shows us what success will look like. As we near completion of a change, we can compare our progress to this definition and have evidence that we were successful or not. 

A desired state sets the foundation for measuring and monitoring the progress of a change.

Watch this video to hear Sheila and Chantal discuss:

  • Creating a case for change
  • Mapping the current state and desired state
  • Identifying metrics and measurements


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