Podcast Ep 1: Why change management

Insights from change management leaders on how to approach change projects


In this video series, Sheila Fain, CEO of LaMarsh Global, and Chantal Milloy, Co-Founder of Levvel, discuss the questions they often hear about change management. Levvel is a Canadian IT staffing and consulting organization that offers change management consulting and training using the Managed Change methodology.


A common misconception of change management is that it only strives to “make people feel good.”


Although there is a component of change management that offers strategies to understand and communicate with employees (which can contribute to good feelings), the purpose of change management connects to the core of business.


The goal of change management is to improve results.


Quality results depend on a quality solution and the acceptance of that solution. Many organizations are experts in creating innovative and effective solutions, but the acceptance aspect is often overlooked.


By determining the most suitable approach for the project and conditions, change management optimizes acceptance and adoption of a solution. One approach is to make people feel good about accepting the solution, but change management offers more tactics.


In this video, listen to Sheila and Chantal discuss:

  • Their response to the question: “Why change management?”
  • The difference between leading a change and managing a change
  • Different change approaches


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