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Building a Change Capable Organization

Executive Summary Building internal change capability is key to sustained business success and growth. One of our recent business services clients needed an internal network of champions to support the company’s impending foundational change, one...

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Celebrating Change Management Certification for Veterans

Happy Veterans Day! As a USAF retiree, I'm so excited to share that LaMarsh Global recently facilitated a custom Managed Change™ Agent Certification program designed specifically for veterans last month in San Antonio, Texas. It was amazing that...

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10 Steps That Will Improve Your ROI of Change Management Calculation

EXPLORING THE VALUE OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT & ROI: PART 3 Remember our suggestion to focus less on ROI and more on RESULTS (R)? In the article, we explored the hard and soft data points required to do a solid and trusted ROI calculation. In general,...

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Make change management resourcing a business decision (Free Guide)

Eight elements to consider when resourcing a change management team

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Where Do You Get Your Information About Resistance? | Video Transcript

We know what causes resistance. We have designed tools to collect the data needed to determine who will exhibit what resistance and for what reasons. What frequently overwhelms the change management practitioners we work with is where they go to get...

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How Does Resistance Impact Return on Investment (ROI)?

EXPLORING THE VALUE OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT & ROI: PART 2 Change Agents, Practitioners and Sponsors are well aware of the impact resistance has on the overall success of projects and the acceptance/adoption of the change by those impacted. Resistance...

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Avoid Cultural Faux Pas and Complete a Culture Impact Check

Traveling internationally for the past few weeks, I am reminded of the impact culture has on our ability to effectively lead and implement changes throughout our organizations. As much as the world continues to become homogenous at an alarming speed...

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