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Beyond change management theory

Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop is a robust learning experience for experienced change practitioners

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Podcast Ep 1: Why change management

Insights from change management leaders on how to approach change projects

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Guide to change management risk assessment

Identify what is needed for a change to be successful 

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Make change management your competitive differentiator

Many organizations pursue the same changes, so it is a competitive advantage to be ready and able to change. 

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Optimization across business units achieved 93% of KPIs

To grow and innovate, a healthcare technology company implemented a massive optimization effort with initiatives across business units and around the world.

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Jumpstart change management when you’re facing an unexpected change

The first steps to managing a change that is already underway

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6 steps to start planning when the future is uncertain

Even when the world has been turned upside down, take proactive steps towards a new desired state 

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The essential (yet often neglected) role of change sponsors

Lessons I learned from when I was a lousy project sponsor.

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“When can we go back to normal?”

Reframe the outcome of an unwanted change to a new desired state.

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How to cope with unexpected change

Guide to accepting a change – even when it is not welcome.

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