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Focus on the people side of change

Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop outlines the processes and tools to empower people to accept and adopt change

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What really drives successful change? (Webinar)

The 13 critical success factors that are essential for a well-managed change.

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Podcast Ep 4: Transitioning through change

Guide and support people as they go through a change (or multiple)

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When history repeats itself

A Canadian telecommunications company developed its internal change capability to improve the success of projects

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Setting the foundation for a successful acquisition

Aligning key leaders prepared a Fortune 500 integrated communications company to complete a complex acquisition.

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Podcast Ep 3: Defining the desired state

Explain the reasons of the change and why our current state may not be working

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Can company culture thrive in a virtual workplace?

Culture is an element of change that can be nurtured to align with the goals of a change, project or organization.

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ERP implementation was a “non-event”

Years after a previous ERP implementation did not go as expected, a global manufacturer resumed – and succeeded – implementation at all sites. ---

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Podcast Ep 2: Leading a change

Why leaders may be the weak link in your change projects

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Empowering conversations with female leaders

LaMarsh Global CEO Sheila Fain shares her experience and advice on being a leader in an interview with’s Leadership Excellence. 

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