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5 Strategies & 7 Steps to Harmonize Change

Orchestrate a rhythm of finely tuned strategies and tactics to achieve the melody you seek with 5 Essential Strategies & 7 Must-Do Steps to Harmonize Change in Your Organization.

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Sponsor Role, Responsibilities & Performance Checklist

Sponsors have the authority, resources and accountability to call for and support changes. The first step to becoming a successful change Sponsor is knowing the role's definition, responsibilities and tasks for good performance. This resource...

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Multi-Generation Desired State Breakdown

Using a MGDS to map out the way forward benefits the organization and those impacted by change in several ways. It establishes the big picture and helps everyone to understand the change anticipated at each phase of the journey. It documents how...

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Culture Impact Worksheet

Managing the impact of culture on change is an important role for Sponsors and Change Agents. No matter how experienced they are, they find it challenging and often don’t know where to focus their efforts. Initiating the effort is often the hardest...

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25 Required Change Communications

Every change effort relies on effective communications to share the information Targets need to know and answer the questions related to what they want to know. Regardless of the size, scope, complexity or timing of the change, your communication...

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Change Management Resource Selection Guide

Change Management Resourcing is a business decision. so how do you make the best decision to hire, buy, rent or build the resources you need? This guide will help.

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Sponsor Assessment Tool

This free assessment can be used by change management professionals and project teams to test current levels of sponsorship. It can also be used by leaders themselves to determine how they feel about the roles they need to play and how ready...

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Managed Change Methodology 2.0 Fact Sheet & FAQs

Learn more about the recent enhancements we've made to our Managed Change™ Methodology... The Managed Change™ Model and Methodology have been modified by LaMarsh Global's change management experts to incorporate the insights and experiences garnered...

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Building a Change Capable Organization: The Blueprint

How can you work with leaders to build a change capable organization? You know organizational change management and have leveraged new knowledge and skills to navigate through challenging projects quickly and efficiently. It's no secret that your...

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Building a Change Capable Organization: Breaking Ground (2/2)

What do the 6 steps to building organizational change management capability really look like? Building a change capable organization must be approached like any other transformation project. The organizations that are most successful focus on:...

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