Managed Change updated for 2021

LaMarsh Global’s change management model was reorganized around the most important success factors of all change initiatives.  


LaMarsh Global released the latest update to its change management methodology, Managed Change, on April 13, 2021. The foundation of the methodology and toolkit remains the same, but the updated model better reflects what is essential for successful change management.  

“The updated model represents how best-practice change management actually flows,” says Judy Searle, Director of Consulting Services at LaMarsh Global.   

“There is a stronger emphasis on leadership responsibilities, the iterative process for change management activities and sustaining outcomes that support the business objectives of the change.”  

Managed Change is regularly assessed by reviewing the application of the methodology on a wide range of change projects. LaMarsh Global’s change management consultants reviewed trends, demands and research, and then validated the updates in real-life projects.  

"The components of Managed Change have not inherently changed from its origins,” says Sheila Fain, LaMarsh Global CEO. 

“It now speaks more accurately to how change naturally occurs in business, whether well managed or not. The update enhances our ability to position managing change as a core competency for leaders and organizations.”  

The change management model was reconfigured to:  

  • Highlight the integral role of leaders to initiate, resource and drive the iterative change process until the desired business outcomes are achieved.
  • Reinforce the model is cyclical and iterative instead of linear.
  • Emphasize the thrust of the change management process is identifying and assessing risks to the acceptance and adoption of the change.


Initiate the Change
Leaders set the direction, confirm the desired outcomes and resource the work. With the support of change practitioners, leaders review and validate the current state and align the desired state with business objectives. Leaders remain engaged and supportive throughout the iterative change process until the desired outcomes are achieved.

Identify Risk
Change practitioners work with leaders and business teams to identify and assess risks to the acceptance and adoption of the change by the people affected. Through the entire change process, risk identification and evaluation continues to ensure acceptance and adoption is achieved.

Implement the Change Plan  
Change practitioners develop and implement an action plan with strategies and tactics designed to minimize or eliminate risks to acceptance and adoption. Change practitioners lead the implementation of the action plan with the support of leaders.

Achieve Results  
As the solution is implemented, metrics are monitored to ensure the business results are achieved. Risks to the acceptance and adoption of the change continue to be identified throughout the implementation and the strategies and tactics are adjusted as necessary.

Sustain Outcomes 
When goals are achieved, the outcomes are sustained until leaders identify another opportunity for change. Leaders adjust the direction, resource the work and initiate the change process.   


Make the change to the new methodology

For leaders, practitioners and organizations, the update to the Managed Change model is easier to understand, learn and implement. It continues to be relevant to the extent and pace change that organizations are facing today.  

“The new model allows the approach to training to be easier to follow, while the updated toolkit allows the practitioner to be more productive and to focus on the outcomes of the Managed Change activities,” says Searle.  

The Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop introduces the updated methodology, and all participants receive access to the Managed Change toolkit and resources. See the upcoming virtual workshops.   

The 2021 update is available to licensees of Managed Change. Contact LaMarsh Global to receive the new model, resources and tools.

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