LaMarsh Global named a top 10 change management service company

HRTech Outlook recognized LaMarsh Global as a change management frontrunner and thought leader 


A leading magazine on HR trends and technology named LaMarsh Global a top 10 change management service company in the August 2021 issue 

HR Tech Outlook brings attention to HR solutions and technology that are of interest to executives and leaders. The magazine highlighted change management in the August magazine and compiled a list of the top 10 service companies. 

Sheila Fain, LaMarsh Global CEO, was interviewed on her perspectives of the ongoing evolution of change management.   


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“The market is becoming savvier about the fact that change management is far more than a standard communication and training plan,” Sheila said. 


“Our approach is to use the skills and capabilities that fit the situation. Not that one tactic is right or wrong. Sometimes we need to coach, sometimes we need to advise, and occasionally we need to tell. We are stronger when we can assess the situation and come to the table with a variety of skills and tools.” 

See the full interview from HR Tech Outlook


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