Grow Your Change Management Practice with Managed Change™ Certification

Change management is a growing field that is recognized by most organizations today as an essential asset to ensure the success of projects.  Many organizations are also looking to develop internal capability to ensure they have the best methodologies in house to manage change.

This means that there are many emerging opportunities for those with the proper knowledge and the proof that they’re able to implement that knowledge when it comes to managing change using proven tools and methodologies.

Many professions today either recommend or require certification to be recognized as an expert. That is also true of change management.

What does it mean to be certified? It’s the difference between simply having knowledge regarding what change management is and how to use it and having shown the ability to perform the methodology defined.  There is a large gap between having the knowledge and the application of that knowledge in real life situations. Certification is the way to bridge that gap.

If you are going to be a practitioner of change management supporting a change you will need an understanding of the change management methodology, the process flow and the tools/templates that will result in the key deliverables. Certification gives you this knowledge and the skills to apply them.

How can you get your initial level of certification? LaMarsh Global offers the Managed Change™ Agent Certification. It’s an immersive workshop that helps you:

  • Develop a working knowledge of the Managed Change™ Methodology
  • Identify the potential organizational and individual resistance that will impact the success of a change
  • Design, build, & implement an initial change management strategy and project plan
  • Define the impact of organizational culture and history on successful implementations
  • Design Communication, Learning, Reinforcement, and Sponsor Development action plans that address stakeholder resistance and appropriately modify behavior
  • Develop a basic plan to monitor project results to make sure that desired business outcomes are satisfied

Who should attend?

Change Management Practitioners, Project Managers, Change leaders, Continuous Improvement and IT professionals, Human Resources and Organizational Development Professionals, Project Team Members


An interest in and/or need to developing change management competency

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