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No single attribute defines the scale of change management support required in an organizational change. Really, no single attribute is more important than another. An aggregate view is what we need to consider when making change management scalability decisions. This is the ‘art’ of change management – analyzing the hard and soft data and confidently following our gut reactions based on personal change management experience, expertise and education.

I know not everyone is comfortable or feels they have the experience to rely on the ‘art’ approach.  Many look for a more ‘science’ based decision-making approach to answering the common question: “How much change management methodology do we really need to apply?”

Although it is not strictly scientific, the LaMarsh Global change management thought leadership team has developed a successful tool that assesses your change based on Six Guideline attributes and provides a more quantitative-based recommendation on how you might scale the change management effort.

Applying the Change Management Scalability Guide tool will produce a spider graph similar to the one below.  The data points plotted on the graph are based on your responses to items included in the tool.



For more on determining change management scalability in your organization, download the Change Management Scalability Guide, a free tool from LaMarsh Global that works to show you exactly how much change management methodology your organizations needs.

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