Free Download | 5 Strategies & 7 Must-Do Steps to Harmonize Change eBook

Like an orchestra without a conductor, an organizational change that lacks (or has weak) strategy and tactics, can sound, feel and look like singular instruments playing out of sync with each other.

Good Change Managers know how complex the change process can be.  They also know how complicated it can be to set the right strategy into motion, using the right people and resources, at the right time, deploying the right communications, and in concert with each other.

So in our first eBook, we’ve pulled together what you need to make music out of the disparate tunes from your change objectives including 5 essential strategies and 7 must-do steps to harmonize change in your organization.

In this eBook get insights on how to:

  • Build ROI into the change investment
  • Use a proven change model or methodology
  • Ensure the sponsors of change are aligned with the change methodology
  • Do a comprehensive assessment of which people will be asked to change
  • Build a comprehensive stakeholder map from the bottom up
  • Be both organizationally and target-focused

Download 5 Strategies & 7 Must-Do Steps to Harmonize Change and get what you need to engage your employees and targets to accomplish successful change management in your organization today.

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