Focus on the people side of change

Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop outlines the processes and tools to empower people to accept and adopt change



“The workshop helped me understand and support
people as they go through a change. There is a huge need for change management.”

Katie Crepeau, JLL
2020 Graduate, Managed Change Practitioner


The Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop from LaMarsh Global sets the foundation to understand how people go through change and what is necessary for a change to be successful.

Katie Crepeau is a 2020 graduate of the Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop. As a human experience and workplace strategy consultant, Crepeau develops and supports the implementation of innovative workplace strategies. Change management training augmented her experience by providing the processes and tools to help people accept and adopt these new strategies.

“I helped previous clients navigate and anticipate changes, but I didn’t grasp all the different components in a framework or system,” says Crepeau, who was formerly an independent strategic business consultant.

The workshop introduces Managed Change – LaMarsh Global’s methodology for change management that outlines a process to consider the people side of a project.

“The elements of my work in previous roles have focused on the technical pieces – more of the actual object or project – and they did not encompass the emotions, fears and anxieties of the people,” says Crepeau. “I was always curious about incorporating those elements, but I didn’t have a process to help people through it.”



A process to empower change

Managed Change is a process to identify what is required for a change to be successful. The role of change practitioners is to optimize the success of a project by supporting leaders and the people impacted.

“I thought the weight would be on my shoulders,” says Crepeau. “After going through the workshop, I realized that – especially as a consultant – our job is to help facilitate peoples’ roles in a change, as opposed to taking ownership of it.”

Managed Change is adaptable to different industries and organizations, so it can be leveraged whenever people is an integral aspect of a project. 

“Implementing and using the tools and processes from LaMarsh is more about enabling our clients to do it well for their employees – and to help their employees accept and be prepared for the change that is coming.”



Use what you learn right away

Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop is available as an in-person or virtual workshop. Both formats feature small class sizes and they are facilitated by an experienced change management consultant.

Through discussions and exploring examples of actual change efforts, the workshops provide context for using Managed Change.

“The examples from fellow students and the instructor helped me absorb and understand how change management plays out in real life, and apply it after the class,” says Crepeau.

After the workshop, participants can complete the certification by applying what they learned to one of their own projects and completing a certification exam. The Managed Change Practitioner Certification prepares practitioners to use change management in the challenges and changes that organizations are facing today.

“With the rapid pace of change we all face, organizations need people who are trained in change management and can help with whatever changes are coming – small and big,” says Crepeau.

“To know the ramifications of decisions and anticipate them – especially on an employee level – helps to develop better strategies and plans.”


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