Empowering conversations with female leaders

LaMarsh Global CEO Sheila Fain shares her experience and advice on being a leader in an interview with HR.com’s Leadership Excellence. 




“I look for someone that quietly straightens someone else’s crown and fosters a positive environment where everyone can succeed.”

- Sheila Fain, CEO of LaMarsh Global


Eight women leaders from organizations across North America – including LaMarsh Global CEO Sheila Fain – recently shared their experience and insights on being a leader. 

The interview series was published in Leadership Excellence by HR.com. See all the interviews in the article, Women of LeadHERship: Empowering Conversations with Female Leaders across North America here.

The eight inspiring women shared the stories and advice behind their journeys into leadership positions, and they explored their traits that contributed to their professional achievements. The
full interviews covered these questions:

  • Is there still a glass ceiling? 
  • Have you been mentored? 
  • How can you leverage assertiveness? 
  • What would the title of your professional autobiography be? 
  • What advice would you give yourself? 
  • How would you describe your leadership style? 


Download the full interview from HR.com.



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