Developing a Change Management Center of Excellence

Executive Summary

How do you continue to keep pace with new developments in change management thought leadership, help employees thrive in their roles as Change Agents, and enable continuous transfer of knowledge? One of our clients recognized that cracking this question was the key to creating competitive advantages and knew that builidng real change management capability could be a major differentiatior.


The investment to create change management capability by the organization was significant, but early indicators showed that employees were becoming more engaged in their work and projects were being delivered on time and on budget. Concurrently, project teams were meeting other important business targets. It was obvious that the company’s performance in the market was improving. In order to sustain the momentum, leadership knew that they needed to have a group of change management experts on their team full-time. In the long run, this would keep the company ahead of other competitors. Since LaMarsh Global had continued to serve as a crucial business partner up to this point, senior executives asked LaMarsh Global’s change management experts to help take the company the rest of the way and to deliver a fully operational Change Managemnet Center of Excellence (COE).

How Did LaMarsh Global Help?

LaMarsh Global worked with the client to identify who would be best suited to the roles that a Center of Excellence (COE) requires. A small group of key employees were selected to step into these critical positions. Then, LaMarsh Global helped define the scope and responsibilities of the COE members along with a plan to embed sustainable change management capability throughout the organization. Since starting this journey the client has:

  • Built a self-sustaining Center of Excellence in Organizational Change Management
  • Established a change sub-committee made up of senior leaders to help guide the focus of people utilizing change management
  • Integrated change framework into project delivery framework
  • Established an OCM maturity model and assessment process
  • Developed and trained a team of experts in OCM to “own”, train, coach, and mentor the change management methodology
  • Rolled out the change management framework to help teams manage change
  • Built an active Change Agent Network


Results & Return on Investment

Our employees started to tell leaders that something felt different in the hallways when they implemented a project or prepared for a major change. These early successes with LaMarsh Global led to the decision to centralize the team accountable for Organizational Change Management (OCM) to ensure that people and culture would be a key focus for all major initiatives.

-- Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness


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