Sustaining momentum with a Change Management Center of Excellence

After success with integrating change management into projects, a telecommunications company developed a Center of Excellence to enhance and sustain results.



Our employees started to tell leaders that something felt different in the hallways when they implemented a project or prepared for a major change. These early successes with LaMarsh Global led to the decision to centralize the team  accountable for organizational change management to ensure that people and culture would be a key focus for all major initiatives.

- Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness


A Canadian telecommunications company partnered with LaMarsh Global to integrate change management within projects and decisions. It was a major investment, but early indicators proved the value of change management:

  • Employees were more engaged in their work
  • Projects were being delivered on time and on budget
  • Project teams were meeting other business targets
  • The company’s performance in the market was improving

There was early success with integrating change management, and leadership did not want the momentum to slow. To sustain the results, they knew they needed to have a group of change management experts on their team that could support and optimize change management practices throughout the organization. In the long run, this would keep the company ahead of competitors.

LaMarsh Global guided the creation of a Change Management Center of Excellence to develop, train and implement organizational change management throughout the company. The Center of Excellence was comprised of a small group of key employees that would support leaders and project teams with the ongoing application of change management in all crucial decisions and projects. They were responsible for stewarding a standard methodology and rolling out a framework for the consistent integration of change management within projects.

LaMarsh Global established a custom change management maturity model and assessment process to evaluate the progress. The Center of Excellence contributed to a wider and more effective use of change management throughout the company. 


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Project summary  

The organization

A Canadian telecommunications company that was already working with LaMarsh Global to integrate change management into crucial projects and decisions.

The goal

LaMarsh Global served as a business partner to leverage change management into existing projects. After initial success, senior executives wanted to take the next step and develop a fully operational Change Management Center of Excellence. The goal of the Center of Excellence was to identify and develop the internal resources necessary to learn about, train and support leaders as they integrate change management throughout the business.

Our approach

LaMarsh Global worked with the organization to develop a definition and structure of a Change Management Center of Excellence. A small group of key employees were selected to step into the critical positions. LaMarsh Global defined the scope and responsibilities of the team members along with a plan to embed sustainable change management capability throughout the organization.

Project outcomes

After conceptualizing a Center of Excellence that would integrate with the organization and support strategic goals, LaMarsh Global assisted in establishing the Center of Excellence. The outcomes of the project included:

  • Established a change sub-committee made up of senior leaders to help guide the focus of people utilizing change management
  • Integrated a change framework into the project delivery framework
  • Established a change management maturity model and assessment process
  • Developed and trained a team of experts in change management to train, coach, and mentor the change management methodology
  • Rolled out a change management framework to help teams manage change
  • Built an active network of change practitioners within the organization



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