Sponsor Assessment Tool: How To Determine If Your Change Has Effective Sponsorship

LaMarsh Global's free Sponsor Assessment Tool can be used by change management professionals and project teams to test current levels of sponsorship.

To complete the assessment, participants must rate how informed or effective they feel current Sponsors are in relation to fifteen important successful change management requirements. Then, use the formula in the Sponsor Assessment Tool PDF to calculate your risk level. These questions can also be used by leaders themselves to determine how they feel about the roles they need to play and how ready they are to perform. You might want to consider a change facing your organization and assess yourself and even ask those Change Agents you are working with to fill it out about you.

My Sponsor...
  1. Has a clear vision of the Desired State.
  2. Understands what it will take to achieve the Desired State.
  3. Understands the external drivers of change and cost of not changing.
  4. Is open and flexible regarding the Desired State.
  5. Is open and flexible regarding the path to the Desired State.
  6. Communicates personal commitment to the Desired State.
  7. Communicates from the perspective of the Target audience.
  8. Keeps him/herself and the organization constantly focused on the Desired State, in public.
  9. Keeps him/herself and the organization constantly focused on the Desired State, in private.
  10. Encourages people to express concerns and fears, and to seek additional information.
  11. Recognizes and acknowledges the personal changes required.
  12. Recognizes and acknowledges personal and organizational changes required throughout organization.
  13. Is willing to provide the resources to achieve the Desired State.
  14. Will align rewards/reinforcement to support the Desired State.
  15. Requires feedback on measurable/observable increments toward the Desired State.


  • Scores less than 45% may mean change projects are in serious danger
  • Scores between 46% and 65% usually mean there should be cause for serious concern
  • Scores over 65% often mean change projects have adequate or sufficient sponsorship


Calculate your current level of sponsorship and download LaMarsh Global's PDF Sponsor Assessment Tool.

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