Building a Change Capable Organization

Executive Summary

Building internal change capability is key to sustained business success and growth. One of our recent business services clients needed an internal network of champions to support the company’s impending foundational change, one that included an updated partnership and new, customized special arrangements with a key buyer. The service provider also needed a mechanism
to duplicate similar change efforts in the future.


Bringing together two organizations always serves as a unique challenge, especially when it involves a global business services provider with many clients. The company couldn’t afford any dip in productivity so a sustaining mechanism was necessary to enable a smooth transition. At the time, the provider also had multiple locations and two separate workforces that had many questions about how the change would impact not only their daily work but also the ways in which the groups would integrate with each other.

How Did LaMarsh Global Help?

LaMarsh Global’s expert consultants helped develop strategy and structure needed to roll out the change. Also, senior leaders were called on to sponsor the effort. To develop change management competency, Managed ChangeAcademy training was conducted at all levels. These activities were coordinated across both organizations, with leaders from both sides working hand in hand. To further embed capability, LaMarsh Global worked with the business services provider to train selected employees to be Change Champions and to assist others in the transition, and in future changes, so that implementation could be conducted as seamlessly as possible. Learning programs, clear communications, and positive reinforcement from Sponsors focused on engaging the employees were all key to moving the project forward.

Results & Return on Investment

Identifying key individuals in the company to champion the change and to work with employees in their various locations helped the overall project and and the messaging used to cascade information to staff throughout the organization. The change management skills that have been built will continue to support the organization as it continues to progress through the change and through many others. Additionally the ways in which competency was built using Managed Changeare repeatable, so the organizaiton can continue to develop a well-rounded workforce.

“Having support during the planning and implementation phases of our change brought us a ‘calming voice in the middle of a big storm.’ We struggled to capture everything by ourselves and benefited greatly from the support we received in taking what we learned and then applying it to our change. It has been a great learning experience, with a great team and a great partner. I’m confident we’ll be able to handle anything that comes our way in the future.”

-- Business Services Provider's VP of Enterprise Sales


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