Beyond change management theory

Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop is a robust learning experience for experienced change practitioners



“LaMarsh Global has the tools, experience and background to provide
the concepts, context and stories of how to deploy change management
and the issues you might face.”

-Rita Barger, Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop Graduate


The Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop from LaMarsh Global builds on experience and knowledge in change management by learning alongside and from change practitioners.

Rita Barger, Manager of Change Acceleration at Constellation Brands, is a graduate of the workshop and was certified in 2019. 

“I wanted to broaden my team’s change management knowledge and understanding, tools and approaches to help us be more efficient and effective,” says Barger.

In 2015, Barger accepted a new job at Constellation Brands – an American Fortune 500 company and largest beer import company in the United States – and transitioned from instructional design into change management. This shift leveraged her core strengths as an instructional designer, and it brought her into a role that, as she says, “speaks to my heart in a more authentic way.” 

The LaMarsh Global workshop was an opportunity to share and learn from practitioners with similar experience to further develop her change management skills and return with new knowledge and insights related to the change projects at Constellation Brands. 


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Advanced learning based on real-life experience

Change management theory builds the foundation for practitioners, but stories from on-the-ground experience highlight unexpected challenges and moments when reality did not match theory. 

“Unless you have practical experience, you may think an organization or team will proactively provide necessary information, such as a list of stakeholders,” says Barger. “However, in reality, it can be a slog and you need to work at getting the information you need.”

The Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop is facilitated by change practitioners and consultants from LaMarsh Global that are actively working on change projects. Every example and story in the workshop come from their experiences of managing a change.

This “real-world application” from LaMarsh Global sets the training apart and contributes to applied thought leadership and scaffolding concepts to improve their application. 


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Training to bring back to your organization

As an experienced change practitioner, Barger was interested in exploring new change management approaches and methodologies that her team can leverage at Constellation Brands. For Barger, she returned to Constellation Brands with two insights:

  1. Be purposeful with your data: Even if data collection can be time consuming and arduous, the hard work is necessary for an effective change management plan.
  2. Share the work you are doing: At every stage of a project, share the approach and the work you are presently executing to drive the change forward with the sponsors, the steering committee and leaders. The value of this information goes beyond contributing to a successful change project, and it can assist in “connecting the pieces together.”

Change management certification from LaMarsh Global requires attending the workshop and then developing and submitting change plans to the workshop facilitator. Although certification is optional, it is an opportunity for direct feedback from change management practitioners on the strategies your organization are developing.

“I was surprised by the level of effort and engagement that was put into the responses,” says Barger. “I appreciate the process, effort and time to reflect to elevate my skills as a change manager.”


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For experienced change practitioners

The Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop is open to advanced practitioners. 

It is an interactive workshop with a small group of contemporaries, so you can discuss the projects you are working on and compare the challenges you are facing. You bring your experience, and together you’ll share, discuss and understand advanced strategies that will be immediately applicable in your organization. 

Barger notes that learning is most valuable when it can be immediately applied through sharing, feedback and discussions. 

“It is a more robust learning experience when you have people that can lend learnings to each other.”


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