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10 Tips for Effective Change Management Communication

Key change communications strategies to share the information that people need and want to know.

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5 Pillars of Change Management Competency

Change management competency is the foundation of an organization's capability to change 

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Roles in Change Management (Updated 2021)

Two groups central to change management are the people affected by change and their leaders.

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Change management is nothing more than leadership

The most important factor of any organizational change is the skill and willingness of leaders

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Why some leaders don’t embrace change

3 reasons why leaders may be hesitant to support a change project

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Connecting change management metrics to business success

Use change management metrics to explain the why, how and what of a change.

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When beliefs and behaviors are challenged by change

What to do when success depends on changing the culture of an organization

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What happens if failure is an option

Our experience in a change project where there was no desire to change

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4 questions to answer about the ROI of change management

If there is interest to define the ROI of change management, answer these four questions

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Understand the big picture of a change project

The Managed Change Practitioner Certification Workshop outlines tools for all stages of a change initiative and the context for their use.

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