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Evaluate the approaches to change

Explore and assess organizational change strategies in the Change Master Advanced Certification Workshop

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8 Key Steps to Take Before and During Change Implementation

For leaders, change practitioners and anyone affected by a change, the process to implement it can be complex and challenging. Follow the eight must-do steps before and during a change implementation to set up any initiative for success.

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The 7 Emotional Phases Employees Go Through During Change

When people within an organization are required to change, it is common for them to emotionally identify with the current state.  --- The idea of change can trigger an emotional response. Even before a change is initiated, employees and leaders...

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5 Tips for Effective Change Management (Free Download)

What to consider when preparing a change management strategy

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Uniting the change management and coaching professions

With a considerable overlap between the intent, skillset and processes of coaching and change management, it is difficult to separate the disciplines.

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Managed Change updated for 2021

LaMarsh Global’s change management model was reorganized around the most important success factors of all change initiatives.  

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10 Tips for Effective Change Management Communication

Key change communications strategies to share the information that people need and want to know.

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5 Pillars of Change Management Competency

Change management competency is the foundation of an organization's capability to change 

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Roles in Change Management (Updated 2021)

Two groups central to change management are the people affected by change and their leaders.

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Change management is nothing more than leadership

The most important factor of any organizational change is the skill and willingness of leaders

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