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What change management looks like in a job description (or resume)

Whether you’re seeking to hire a change management professional or looking to showcase your career as a change leader, here is how job listings include change management.

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Chart the Path to Resilient Organizational Change Capability

Start with the organizational change capability maturity assessment from LaMarsh Global

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Frame change management with the language of business

Communication is central to the work of change management professionals. Understanding the format, audience and messaging is critical – especially when the audience is leaders responsible for the change initiative.

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R = Qs x A... But Who Decides the Solution is a Quality One?

Successful organizational change requires two key ingredients: the right solution and the acceptance and adoption of that solution. This is summarized in the results equation:

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Sustaining the success of a hybrid workplace model

Reduce the chance of slipping back to old routines while maximizing the desired benefits of any workplace arrangement.

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The types of changes that require change management

Change management contributes to the success of a wide range of organizational changes

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Three Stages of Organizational Change

The three stages of organizational change describe the state of an organization today, the desired situation in the future and the interim state between today and when a change’s goals are realized.

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Top success factors in effective change management

The 13 critical success factors describe what is necessary for a well-managed change

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10 steps to improve the change management ROI calculation

Focus on a solution’s acceptance to calculate the ROI of change management.

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LaMarsh Global named a top 10 change management service company

HRTech Outlook recognized LaMarsh Global as a change management frontrunner and thought leader 

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