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Each change – whether in the beginning, middle or even end stages – comes with its own level of risk. And it’s important to know where you stand at each phase to ensure you’re managing for success.

Many organizations find themselves scrambling to better manage their changes when they realize the risks their running with under-performing or failing change programs. And a lot of people look for a “quick fix” for projects that do not deliver on schedule, run over budget, and/or cause chaos and frustration in the workforce and in the Board Room. But practicing good change management is often the secret weapon to success.

So whether you’re at a critical point in a change or about to embark on a new one, now’s the time to identify if you are already doing a good job at managing it or if you need to consider a new approach.

Take our free Change Risk Assessment. By downloading the assessment, answering 10 questions and averaging your score you’ll be able to determine where you fall on the risk scale:

  • 80-100% Your score is strong and your risk is low.
  • 60-79% Your score is adequate and your risk is moderate.
  • 40-59% Your score is weak and your risk is high.
  • 0 –39% Your score is insufficient and your risk is significant.

Based on where you land, you’ll get the tips and strategies you need to succeed.

Don’t wait. Download the Change Risk Assessment today to ensure you’re on track for a successful change tomorrow.

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