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4 Ways to Shift the Conversation From Change Management to Risk Mitigation

How do you convince leaders that managing change is important?

I met Eduard at Change Management 2016, this year's ACMP Global Conference in Grapevine, Texas. We talked about how challenging it was for him to apply change management discipline within his organization. He couldn’t convince his leadership team of why the organization should embrace the methodology. I wasn't surprised when Eduard called me a few weeks later. He said leadership was still not convinced and explained that they didn’t buy into the whole idea of resistance but did agree to give him time at their next leadership meeting to “change their minds”. Eduard asked me, “What can I say to help leaders understand the value of change management?” Watch the video to glean valuable lessons from my full response. Talking points are listed below.


Talking Points
  1. Focus change management strategy and tactics on achieving business results and improving organizational performance
  2. Discuss the impact of disciplined risk management and don't just focus on the implementation of a recognized change management methodology
  3. Reinforce the need to mitigate risk by explaining what might happen if Targets fail to accept the change and to modify behavior
  4. Present the roles and responsibilities of Sponsors as delivering intended results through risk mitigation

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